Central Jersey Stream Team
Central Jersey Stream Team

                                                     Jens Riedel P.E.

                President                  (Planning / Grants / Engineering)

Steven Van Deursen

Vice President  (Equipment and Maintenance Engineer)


                                                 Dawn Moeller


                                                Dineen Van Deursen


                                               Denise Moeller


CJST River Warriors!

Since CJST began the quest to restore the rivers of Central New Jersey, hundreds of volunteers have joined in on the adventure. And we like to think of all of our volunteers as "River Warriors". A few though have stood out and have attended many of our events...so we'd like to recognize them below as official CJST RIVER WARRIORS! Who will be next?!?

"Awesome" Doug Andresen

Raritan, NJ



Sarah Andresen

Raritan, NJ



Nelson Avery

Somerville, NJ



Andy Still

Middlesex, NJ



Mike Russell

Somerville, NJ



Bill Meier

West Orange, NJ



Michele Gillies

Ridgefield, NJ



Rob Gillies

Ridgefield, NJ



Joe Cicco

Montgomery, NJ



Ray Croot

Hillsborough, NJ

Jean Bryer


Princeton, NJ

Anton Getz


Edison, NJ

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