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We're Back, River Warriors!

Stay tuned for dates and locations....

Stay tuned!!! (meanwhile here's some pics of past clean-ups)




CJST supports

Raritan Borough Annual Clean-Up

On Sunday, April 27th, members of CJST were proud to join our great friends from Raritan Borough at their annual Earth Day cleanup. CJST was joined by fellow River Warriors Stefanie, Madison and Jake Gara as well as Mayor Liptak. The effort was concentrated along the banks of the Raritan River and both sides of the old canal. Several dozen bags of recyclables and trash were removed as well as a few tires, a roll of construction fence and unfortunately far too many doggy doo doo bags which were painfully close but not in the trash cans nearby. The cleanup was a great success and all trash was promptly moved from the site with the storm ahead. Once again, CJST is thrilled to have the chance to work with their great friends in Raritan Borough!


CJST supports

Raritan Headwaters Association

Annual Watershed-Wide Clean-Up

On Saturday, April 26th, two CJST volunteers cleaned up the area where
Blackpoint Road crosses the Raritan River as part the Raritan Headwaters
Association annual watershed-wide cleanup.  Several hours of work produce a
large pile of trash including 3 bags of trash, 3 bags of recycling, a
basketball, a roll of silt fence, a large mass of jumbled cable, a plastic car
bumper, a large inflatable rubber toy, some lumber, and 4 tires.  Two of the
tires, including a larger truck tire, were in the water and partially buried
and it took some effort to get them out.  Several more tires were located but
could not be reached because the water was higher.  These will be targeted
during one of our summer cleanups.  The most unusual items found were 6
cylindrical shaped plastic piece whose use is not known.  They are located in
the lower left of the picture if anyone would like to guess their use.

While the cleanup itself was successful, unfortunately the trash was not
picked up before the recent flooding and much of it was carried away by the



CJST supports

Somerville Environmental Clean-Up Day

On Saturday April 26, 2014, members of the Central Jersey Stream Team along with AmeriCorps Watershed Ambassador Cameron Black participated in an Earth / Arbor Day clean up organized by Cameron Black in conjunction with the Somerville Environmental Commission. While the environmental commission volunteers worked further interior areas of Somerville, the CJST members and volunteers worked extremely hard on a very forgotten and polluted area at the beginning of the Peter's Brook Greenway and in a few hours were able to remove the following items:


1.) 39 Bags of trash

2.) 9 Bags of Recyclables

3.) 2 tires

4.) 1 Pack and Play

5.) 1 Eight Track Car Radio

6.) Misc. Construction Materials


We would like to thank all of our volunteers that showed up for today's event and supported AmeriCorps Watershed Ambassador Cameron Black and his River Stewardship program. Unfortunately, further down from this area, a lot more cleaning is necessary. But fear not, as always the Central Jersey Stream Team is up to the task to ensure this area eventually gets completed 100% and we know our devoted volunteer following will be as well.


Our next Event is June 1st and please keep checking the Website for updates.


Here are some Before and After Photos from the Peter's Brook Clean-Up:

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