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Central Jersey Stream Team

Our Efforts So Far

2013 was a bigger success than we had ever imagined as we set out to make a difference in the local community. What began as a “simple” service project has blossomed into a dedicated grass roots nonprofit organization. Over the course of three large scale events, plus two smaller efforts the Central Jersey Stream Team has now removed 614 tires (101/407/89/5/12) from the South Branch and main stem of the Raritan River from the confluence of the Neshanic River to Raritan Borough. As well as the tire haul, our team has also removed several tons of other trash and refuse. We estimate that we have removed nearly 70 cubic feet of trash aside from the tires.


As proud as we are of our restoration work, we discovered something else that has made us just as proud, if not more. Along the way we have engaged the local community in a way we didn’t expect. Over the course of the three large scale events we have had the pleasure of working with over 150 unique individuals who volunteered their time and efforts to assist us in restoring the river. We take pride in working along side our volunteers, introducing or reintroducing them to the beautiful rivers we work on and then teaching them and encouraging them to become protectors and stewards of their local waterways.


But these individuals are not the only ones we have had the opportunity to build a relationship with. Along the way we developed and nurtured relationships with several incredible and dedicated organizations and municipalities, all who are dedicated to assisting us with our goals. With the help of these more established groups and municipalities we were able to far exceed our expectations.



Central Jersey Stream team

Evolving our Efforts


Though we have been proud of our ability to accomplish much with very little capital, we do understand moving forward that having operating capital can help us advance our efforts.


We can certainly become more effective and efficient with certain items including:


Used canoes and flat bottom boats for river cleaning, paddles

Pry bars, shovels, manhole hooks

GoPro cameras to document and record cleanup footage and create educational videos




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